Our lungs are critical for survival as they allow oxygen to enter our blood stream.

Our lungs are constantly exposed to airborne pathogens putting them at risk of illness and disease, Issues include, allergic responses (asthma), chronic inflammation (COPD), infections (TB), blood clots (Embolisms) and cancers.

Our respiratory specialists have devised an ideal screening package, based on risk factors, the tests include:

  • Review by a specialist and basic observations.
  • Blood tests (respiratory markers)
  • Lung function tests
  • Chest X-ray +/- CT Scan if necessary


The tests will take at least half a day to perform. Other than blood tests there should be no discomfort.  The results take at least I week to arrive and analyse. Our team will follow up and discuss your findings and devise a management plan.

Respiratory Screening

You will subsequently have a follow up consultation and plan.  The above screening will take at least half a  day. Stress testing-involves exertion on a bike or treadmill.

CTs are only carried out in high risk patients.

The results will be available typically in a week or so where you will have follow up and a tailored management plan.

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