Why is it Important?

On average men see their GP half as often as women. There are several areas of health in men which if well managed can help avoid or detect illnesses before they become serious.

These include mental health, prostate cancer, testicular issues, cardiac health to name a few.

The preliminary screen will have identified areas of concern. This secondary screen will focus on specific areas usually with a:

• History and examination
• Dedicated imaging of area of concern (MRI, CT, US)
• If needed a biopsy
• Specific blood tests / markers.


The process takes 1-2 days depending on scans needed and our dedicated team will coordinate all investigations for you.

Men's Health

Biopsies are usually carried out under sedation or GA (but only indicated when a problem is found on imaging). The results taking approximately 24 hours for imaging and 7 working days for biopsies

One key feature of Paragon is that we never leave any patient without a plan. We will discuss all the findings and ensure every concern is addressed and managed.

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