There is now a much greater understanding of the importance of ‘gut health’ and its relationship to our general health.

So understanding and investigating issues related to the gut  microbiome, intestinal motility, absorption, inflammation (inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s, a) etc are critically important to our overall health.

Cancers of the intestinal tract are treatable if caught early as signs and symptoms often appear later.  Screening is a vital tool in helping identify issues as early as possible.

The first step involves a review from one of our specialists, who based on your symptoms will arrange a series of tests which may include;

  • Blood tests
  • Stool sample
  • Imaging – CT, US, Fibro scan, X-ray, MRI
  • Scoping – endoscope, colonoscope,
  • Breath tests


After this, a you will have a follow up to review the results, discuss a treatment plan and discuss further management (including, nutrition, supplements or medical therapy)

Gut Health Screening

The tests can take a few days to perform but no test requires more than a day.  If you need a scope, this will require one day admission but only with mild sedation and you return to normal activities the next day.

Any invasive test is carried under sedation to minimise any discomfort. If a colonoscopy is required a special preparation has to be consumed to clean the bowel 24 hours before the procedure.

The results take about a week for any internal investigations, blood and imaging are ready in 24-48 hrs. The follow up is really important and our team will explain in detail all of your results, what they mean and what further steps (if any) are needed to improve your gut health.

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