When was your last visit to your dentist?
Did you know tooth decay has been linked to heart disease?

Oral health is often overlooked when we address our overall health, it’s a simple fix but if ignored can have serious consequences both for our teeth and general health.

So we have devised a simple oral health review to ensure your teeth, gums and oral cavity remain in the best of health.


The screen will involve a check from an expert dental hygienist, who will clean and polish your teeth, check for signs of decay and gum disease and coordinate any dental review.

X rays maybe performed if required. The check + treatment will take about 1 hour.

The process will be pain free, however if a very deep cleaning is needed your mouth may have to numbed.

You will be informed of the results on the day.

The dental team will advise and coordinate any follow ups, but a dental visit is recommended every 6 months.

Dental X-Ray

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