Heart disease is a major cause of illness and death.  Data has shown a significant percentage of cardiac issues are preventable and manageable. Knowing your risk factors is critical to making the right lifestyle choices and starting disease modifying medication.

We have devised a comprehensive screening process in partnership with. We have therefore created a  comprehensive cardiac screening programme to help people understand their unique risk factors and give them a plan so they can reduce these factors to live a longer, healthier life.

For your cardiac screening, you will have a baseline review with the addition of some or all of the following investigations;

  • Cardiac health assessment by specialist.
  • Baseline observations
  • Resting ECG
  • Blood tests
  • Echocardogram
  • Carotid doppler (USS)
  • Exercise stress test
  • +/- CT coronary angiogram
Cardiac Screening

You will subsequently have a follow up consultation and plan.  The above screening will take at least half a  day. Stress testing-involves exertion on a bike or treadmill.

CTs are only carried out in high risk patients.

The results will be available typically in a week or so where you will have follow up and a tailored management plan.

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