With one in two people, statistically likely to suffer from cancer in their future, cancer is understandably a major concern.  The onus has now shifted from pure treatment to preventative health.

General screening for cancer has  improved dramatically over the years, with good multi cancer detection blood tests slowly coming onto the market.

This along with improving Imaging should allow early detection.

We have devised a comprehensive screening process in partnership with leading oncologists.  This covers a wide range of cancers.

These are the BEST and most RELIABLE tests available, and our board is always updating the tests as new data is discovered.

Key aspects;

  • Review by our oncologist (Face to face or virtual)
  • Simple blood markers for cancer +/- multi cancer screening blood test
  • Whole body MRI with expert reporting
Cancer screening multicancer blood test

The whole process will take about half a day.  The results take at least one week to analyse.   Our expert team will guide you through the results and any follow ups required.

It’s important to note that different blood tests and imaging have differing sensitivity and specificity, hence the importance in visiting a trusted provider.

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