With our expert team, we have devised  tailor made screening packages to address specific medical needs.  You would typically have a general screen before being channelled into one of our specific programs, unless there is a particular need or an underlying condition.

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Screening Services

Allergy screening

Allergy Testing

Allergies are continuing to increase in the Western world and can be debilitating.  There are differing theories on causation.

The impact can range from trivial symptoms to life threatening consequences.

Cancer Screening

With one in two people, statistically likely to suffer from cancer in their future, cancer is understandably a major concern.  The onus has now shifted from pure treatment to preventative health.

General screening for cancer has  improved dramatically over the years, with good multi cancer detection blood tests slowly coming onto the market.

Cancer screening multicancer blood test
Cardiac Screening

Cardiac Health

Heart disease is a major cause of illness and death. Data has shown a significant percentage of cardiac issues are preventable and manageable.

Knowing your risk factors is critical to making the right lifestyle choices and starting disease modifying medication.

Dementia Screening

Dementia is a broad term which covers the many progressive conditions that affect the function of the brain. In fact there are over 200 subtypes of dementia- Alzheimer’s, Lewy body and vascular being three of the most common.

Symptoms include confusion, memory loss, and issues with speech and language.  Dementia is more common in people over 65 and symptoms progress at different rates.

Dementia Screening
Dental X-Ray

Dental Health

When was your last visit to your dentist? Did you know tooth decay has been linked to heart disease?

Oral health is often overlooked when we address our overall health, it’s a simple fix but if ignored can have serious consequences both for our teeth and general health.

ENT Screening

We take our hearing for granted, but as we age our hearing does decline. Often this is not noticed until other people point out the problem.

In addition the nose & throat including our voice are areas of health often neglected, until we run into a problem such as sinus pain, blocked nose and difficulties in smelling.

ENT Screening
Exercise Screening

Exercise Screening

Keeping active and exercising has shown to have huge benefits in improving lifespan and life quality.

The exercise screen is a review by our sports medicine expert who will then decide which further investigations are required based on your aims, current level of fitness and previous injuries.

Eye Health

Our eyes are complex and perform incredible functions in processing visual information.

The eye can also reveal clues about our genreal health.

The first step will involve seeing a specialist eye doctor and an optometrist.

Eye Health
Gut Health Screening

Gut Health

There is now a much greater understanding of the importance of ‘gut health’ and its relationship to our general health.

So understanding and investigating issues related to the gut  microbiome, intestinal motility, absorption, inflammation (inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s, a) etc. are critically important to our overall health.

Men’s Health

On average men see their GP half as often as women.

There are several areas of health in men which if well managed can help avoid or detect illnesses before they become serious. These include mental health, prostate cancer, testicular issues, cardiac health to name a few.

Men's Health
Menopause Screening Perimenopause


The dictionary definition of menopause is the absence of periods for more than 1 year. The time before this is known as the peri menopause.

The main symptoms include, night sweats, hot flushes, brain fog, vaginal dryness and lack of libido. All these symptoms are due to reducing levels of hormones.

Respiratory Screening

Our lungs are critical for survival as they allow oxygen to enter our blood stream.

Our lungs are constantly exposed to airborne pathogens putting them at risk of illness and disease, Issues include, allergic responses (asthma), chronic inflammation (COPD), infections (TB), blood clots (Embolisms) and cancers.

Respiratory Screening
Skin Health

Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ in the body and exposed to many environmental toxins. It can also reveal clues about a person’s general health.

The most common concern with the skin, are cancers, which if spotted early are 100% curable.

Women’s Health

Women suffer from a higher degree of chronic illness than men.

Additionally, many disease processes are typically associated with females but are easily screened for such as breast cancer and screening of the reproductive organs.

Woman's Health


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